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More than a decade ago, Menegon emerged from an Italian family's dream to one day produce their own pasta, until then they had only built pasta machines. This dream began to come true in 2005 with the construction of their own headquarters! It didn't take long for the exponential increase of the facilities and the machine fleet.

With a high production capacity, we aim to expand our facilities, seeking to meet market's needs. Our specialties are oven-ready lasagna, cereal pellets (raw dough for frying) and spaghetti made with special wheat flours.

High-tech machines, a specialist team and guided by our guidelines, we are able to guarantee the best products on the market, in an ethical manner, with a focus on social development and care for the environment. Always focused on the continuous improvement of processes and products, we apply in our factory all the quality and safety tools of food, and following the laws and regulations of the food sector.


In 2021, this focus proudly earned us an international certification that comprehensively addresses food safety management in organizations throughout the production chain. We are open to welcome you and ready to start a successful partnership, leaving your product in the hands of those who have the FSSC 22000!

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